Buck 119 Vs Kabar: Which one is better?

The main difference between these knives is that the Buck 119 is ideal for hunting, while the Kabar knife is ideal for survival or combat situations. On the other hand, both knives are poles apart in their length, thickness, steel, weight, and much more. Besides that, the Kabar knife is also slightly more expensive than the Buck 119.

So, if you can’t decide what knife to choose between two, you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide to Buck 119 vs Kabar.


Buck 119 Vs Kabar: A Side-By-Side Comparison


Buck 119




1095 Cro-Van

Blade Thickness

0.175 inches

0.165 inches


7.5 ounces

11.2 ounces

Overall Length

10.5 inches

11 7/8 inches

Blade Length

Six inches

Seven inches

These are the top specifications of the Buck 119 vs Kabar that make it unique from one another. Both the knives are from different brands and offer a unique purpose to the user. Let’s look at both of them in even more detail.

An In-Depth Look Into The Buck 119

The Buck 119 is also known as the Buck 119 Special that is a great hunting knife for you to use. It is a great Buck knife that offers excellent performance, fantastic steel quality, and sharpness that you can expect from all the other buck knives. The knife is tough, long, but still not that bulky to ensure you can partake in all hunting activities with ease.

That is why the Buck 119 is a staple knife for every hunter out there wanting to make their life easier. If you want a knife to prepare game, then the Buck 119 is the ideal choice. That is because you can use it for various tasks, such as de-boning, gutting, skinning, and much more.

The Buck 119 is also similar to the Buck 120 and Buck 105, but it is still the best because it can tackle almost all your hunting requirements. You also don’t have to worry about the longevity and strength of this knife, as it will last a long time to come, thanks to the 420HC steel. So, if you want a fantastic hunting knife, it does not get better than the Buck 119.

An In-Depth Look Into Kabar

The original intention of the Kabar knife was to ensure that people could combat with the knife. However, it also works great as a survival knife for you to use. The knife is sturdy and reliable to hold in the field, cut through all types of wires, and baton firewood.

Remember that between the Buck 119 vs Kabar, the latter has a longer blade length at seven inches and is heavier in weight too. That is why if you want a combat or survival knife, it does not get better than the Kabar. The sharp blade and the grip will guarantee that you can defend yourself in any fighting situation.

Kabar also offers an excellent grip to the user as the handles are made of compressed washers of leather with recessed spacers. Because of this, the handle is hard, which means you can easily use it even when the weather is wet. So, if you want a survival and combat knife, the Kabar is the ideal choice, but you will also have to pay a higher price than the Buck 119.

The Differences Between The Buck 119 And Kabar

Here are the main differences between the Buck 119 and Kabar:

  • Pricing: The Kabar has a higher price point than the Buck 119
  • Steel: The Buck 119 has a 420HC steel while the Kabar has a 1095 Cro-Van steel
  • Weight: The Kabar is heavier than the Buck 119, which is why it is an ideal survival and combat knife
  • Blade Length: The blade length of the Kabar knife is one-inch longer than the Buck 119
  • Blade Thickness: The Buck 119 has a higher blade thickness than the Kabar. However, the difference is not that significant

These are the main differences you will notice between Buck 119 and Kabar. Both these knives are ideal for their intended use, which is why it depends on what you require for your preferences and needs. No matter what knife you choose between these two, it will last a long time to come.

Final Verdict: Which Knife Is Better?

There is no knife that is better between Buck 119 vs Kabar. That is because both of these knives are completely different in all aspects. If you want a hunting knife to prepare game and make hunting easier, the Buck 119 is the clear choice for you.

On the other hand, if you require a knife for combat and survival, then it doesn’t get better than the Kabar. So, decide what you want and purchase the best knife for yourself.