D2 vs Aus 8: Which One Is Best?

Knifemaking is an art that requires the right materials to craft a strong and reliable blade. Two of the most popular materials used in knifemaking are D2 and Aus 8 steel.

While these two steels possess similar qualities, they have distinct differences which make them suitable for different types of knives and applications. In this article, we will explore the differences between D2 vs Aus 8 so you can decide which one is best for you.


D2 vs Aus 8: Overview

D2 is a high-carbon, air-hardened tool steel. It typically contains between 1% and 2.5% carbon along with 12% to 14% chromium, 0.7% to 1.15% molybdenum and small amounts of manganese, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur. It has excellent wear resistance, edge holding and excellent toughness.

Aus 8 is a Japanese stainless steel containing 0.8% carbon, 14% chromium, 1% molybdenum and 0.10% vanadium for increased wear resistance and strength. It has excellent corrosion resistance, but its edge retention is not as good as D2 steel.

D2 vs Aus 8: Properties

When it comes to knifemaking, both D2 and Aus 8 have their advantages and disadvantages.

D2 is the tougher of the two steels and it can be hardened up to a Rockwell hardness of 60-62 HRC. It also has excellent wear resistance, making it a good choice for knives that will be subject to heavy use.

If you are searching for the ultimate knife, then D2 knives with their remarkable edge retention is your go-to choice. The high carbon elements within them make them far more reliable than AUS 8 models, so if regular sharpening isn’t an option due to lifestyle or personal preference issues, worry not! There’s a variety of D2 steel on offer that won’t become dull shortly and will fulfil all your cutting needs.

Aus 8 is easier to sharpen than D2, but it isn’t as strong or as wear-resistant. It has a lower Rockwell hardness of 54-58 HRC, making it ideal for knives that won’t be subject to heavy use. Its relatively low carbon content also makes it more corrosion resistant than D2. Unfortunately, the sharpness of this blade quickly diminishes and will require regular honing.

D2 vs Aus 8: Price Difference

Looking for a dependable knife without draining your wallet? AUS 8 is the ideal selection. With reasonable pricing and top-tier steel construction, you get quality performance at an accessible cost. Alternatively, D2 blades offer superior service on any mission – even if money isn’t a worry when selecting the perfect blade!

What Makes A Quality Knife?

When selecting the right steel for a knife, you should consider its intended use. D2 and Aus 8 are two of the most popular steels used in knifemaking, but they have significant differences which must be taken into account.

Both have their own unique advantages and drawbacks and will suit different purposes. However, no matter which type of steel you choose, the key to a quality knife is always craftsmanship.

If you are looking for a custom-made, reliable and long-lasting blade, make sure that it is crafted by an experienced knifemaker with high-quality materials. In this way, you can ensure that your knife will stay sharp and perform at its best for many years to come.

Ultimately, the selection between D2 vs Aus 8 comes down to a number of factors such as budget, intended use and personal preference. Take your time in researching these two steels so you can make the best decision for your needs.