9Cr18MoV Steel Knife Review

If you’ve ever been out knife shopping, you’re sure to have come across some Damascus knives or some middle-range EDC knives that are made out of 9Cr18MoV Steel. Have you ever wondered what 9Cr18MoV steel is and what it’s like? 

This review was written with the aim of helping you choose the right kind of knife made out of the right kind of material. This review is going to answer all the questions you had about 9Cr18MoV Steel and find out whether or not it’s good Steel to make knives with. 


What is 9Cr18MoV Steel? 

9Cr18MoV is high-quality stainless Steel with its origins in China. It’s got a very high percentage of Chromium, and a mid-level percentage of Carbon. This helps make it very resistant to corrosion. It’s mostly used to make tools like a surgical blade, cutlery, and such, which need to be corrosion resistant. 

Thanks to its very useful properties and reasonable pricing, it’s become one of the most popular steels being used in the knife industry. Small and medium-sized knife manufacturers are rushing to procure Steel like 9Cr18MoV to up the efficiency of the manufacturing process. 

What is the chemical composition of 9Cr18MoV Steel? 

  • 18% Chromium 

It increases tensile strength and retention of edges. It also makes the Steel a lot more resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. 

  • 0.95% Carbon 

It makes the Steel a lot harder and increases resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. However, higher amounts of carbon reduce the overall strength of the Steel. 

  • 1.3% Molybdenum 

The presence of Molybdenum in 9Cr18MoV Steel serves an important purpose. It increases the overall strength and machinability of the Steel. 

  • 0.6% Nitrogen

The presence of Nitrogen in 9Cr18MoV Steel serves an important purpose. It increases the strength and edge retention of the Steel. 

  • 0.8% Manganese

The presence of Manganese in 9Cr18MoV Steel serves an important purpose. It makes the Steel harder and more brittle. 

  • 0.8% Silicon 

The presence of Silicon in 9Cr18MoV Steel is to ensure that the Steel is strong. 

  • 0.04% Phosphorus 

The presence of phosphorus in 9Cr18MoV Steel is to ensure that the Steel is strong. 

  • 0.03% Sulfur 

The presence of sulfur in 9Cr18MoV Steel is to ensure that the Steel has better machinability. 

  • 0.12% Vanadium 

Vanadium can increase the resistance of the Steel to wear and tear while also helping to make it harder. 

As you can see from the overall chemical makeup of 9Cr18moV Steel, it is a mixture of Chromium, carbon, and Molybdenum. This means increased resistance to corrosion and good hardness.

The hardness of 9Cr18MoV Steel 

The hardness of materials is measured using the Rockwell Scale. The Rockwell Scale is used to measure the hardness of objects based on their indentation hardness. According to the manufacturer, 9Cr18MoV Steel comes with the highest hardness rating of 58-60 HRC. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Rockwell Scale and hardness ratings like HRA, HRB, HRC, etc., have a look through this link. It’ll give you a better idea. 

What are the properties of 9Cr18MoV Steel? 

9Cr18MoV Steel, which has become a very commonly used steel in the knife industry, has the following properties: 

  1. Edge Retention 

The higher levels of Chromium and Carbon give it a hardness of 60 HRC. This is a hard metal that has very good edge retention. 

  1. Resistant to Corrosion 

9Cr18MoV Steel contains up to 18% of Chromium. This means that the Steel has a very high resistance factor to corrosion. 

  1. Resistant to Wear and Tear 

The combination of Chromium, Carbon, and Vanadium (in minute quantities) makes 9Cr18MoV Steel very resistant to general wear and tear. 

  1. Sharpness/Hardness 

Since the elements that make up 9Cr18MoV Steel have given it a very good hardness, it’s easy to sharpen. 

  1. Toughness/Strength 

In general, Steel isn’t a material that offers very high levels of toughness. However, the unique composition of 9Cr18MoV Steel makes it very tough Steel. 

What Steel is equivalent to 9Cr18MoV Steel? 

The 440C Steel would be the closest Steel to the 9Cr18MoV Steel. Their chemical make up is very similar; both are very resistant to corrosion and have decent edge retention. They fall into pretty much the same price category and are used to make lower and middle-level knives. 

Is 9Cr18MoV good Steel for knives? 

As a general rule, the answer is yes. 9Cr18MoVis a good steel choice for knives. However, it does also depend on the kind of usage we are talking about. It’s resistant to corrosion and has good edge retention, so it works for EDC and kitchen knives. 

If you’re on the lookout for a very tough knife, it’s better you keep looking. 9Cr18MoV Steel isn’t the best choice for when you need knives for the outdoors, like camping or trekking. It can’t take too much of a beating. 

Overall, yes, it is a good choice. It’s high-quality Steel that is made in China. It’s a good material for manufacturing smaller knives. Thanks to its corrosion resistance capabilities, it’s mostly used to make knives that need high corrosion resistance properties.

In Conclusion

9Cr18MoV is another highly sought-after steel in the knife industry. Since it’s not very expensive and comes with a whole host of features, it’s very popular among knife manufacturers. It’s one of the most common steels used to make smaller and medium-sized knives. 

The higher level of Chromium and Carbon means that it’s got a very good hardness and a very good resistance to corrosion and general wear and tear. The unique chemical composition of 9Cr18MoV Steel makes it very hard but also very easy to sharpen. 

It seems that manufacturers of larger-sized knives aren’t too keen on utilizing 9Cr18MoV Steel for their product. It’s a great addition to have in your kitchen. You get sturdy knives that are sharp, cut well, and will last you for a very long time. 

9Cr18MoV is a good choice if you’re looking to make a change in your knife collection.