9Cr18MoV Steel Knife Review (2021)

9Cr18MoV Steel Knife Review

If you’ve ever been out knife shopping, you’re sure to have come across some Damascus knives or some middle-range EDC knives that are made out of 9Cr18MoV Steel. Have you ever wondered what 9Cr18MoV steel is and what it’s like?  This review was written with the aim of helping you choose the right kind of … Read more

D2 Steel Knife Review (2021)

D2 Steel Knife Review

If you are looking to purchase one of the most effective and durable knives, then make sure to go for D2 steel knives. This steel is widely accepted by most experts. D2 steel is well known for its quality and toughness, which is suitable for the creation of knives for kitchen works.  We all know … Read more

Maxamet Steel Knife Review (2021)

Maxamet Steel Knife Review

In the knife industry, how can you identify which steel is best to accomplish your tasks? Versatile steel would include exceptional sharpness, resistance to corrosion, and high durability. One such steel knife that has emerged in recent years is Maxamet Steel Knife.  Officially known as Micro-Melt Maxamet, the Maxamet steel is formed after melding high-tech … Read more

What is 5cr15mov Knife Steel?

5cr15mov Knife Steel

If you’re looking for fine knives in the market, you will likely find one made of 5cr15mov steel. Due to its effectiveness and affordability, it is one of the ideal materials used to construct kitchen knives.  If you are willing to purchase a new knife or set of knives for your kitchen, you should definitely … Read more

1095 CRO VAN Steel Guide [Steel Review]

1095 CRO VAN Steel review

1095 CRO VAN steel is not an unfamiliar material for knife-makers and interested knife enthusiasts. It is different from the original 1095, and the 2 should not be confused. Rather, this newer material is a high-quality pick and has some advanced properties.  This article will give you a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to … Read more

8Cr13MoV Steel – The Ultimate Guide

8Cr13MoV Steel

With the advent of a global economy, there have been more affordable and accessible options than ever before. A new type of Chinese steel called 8Cr13MoV steel is gaining popularity in the knife industry. Since it is a newer type of steel, certain reservations come along with it. Steel is more popular because of how … Read more