1095 CRO VAN Steel Guide [Steel Review]

1095 CRO VAN steel is not an unfamiliar material for knife-makers and interested knife enthusiasts. It is different from the original 1095, and the 2 should not be confused. Rather, this newer material is a high-quality pick and has some advanced properties. 

This article will give you a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about 1095 CRO VAN steel. Knowing more about its composition allows you to decide if a 1095 CRO VAN steel knife is right for you. 


1095 CRO VAN Steel Specifics 

This material is a type of specialized steel that goes by several names such as:

  • Sharon Steel 0170-6
  • Sharon Steel 50110B
  • Sharon Steel 50100B
  • Sharon Steel Carbon V
  • Sharon Steel 1095CV

The main thing you need to know is that it is high on Carbon, Molybdenum, Nitrogen, Chromium, and Vanadium. 


The elements that go into making 1095 CRO VAN steel are as follows.


It contains 0.25% Vanadium for greater hardenability and more wear-resistance. 


The 0.6% Chromium adds to its tensile strength, corrosion resistance and improves edge retention. 


The 0.025% Sulfur composition enhances the machinability of the steel.


The 0.06% Molybdenum component gives it more strength and machinability. 


1.1% Carbon adds to wear-resistance and greater hardness. 


The 0.5% Manganese enhances both brittleness as well as hardness.


0.25% Silicon also adds to the strength. 


The 0.25% Nitrogen composition gives the steel better edge retention and strength.  

Much like its predecessor, 1095 steel, 1095 CRO VAN steel has the same durable and intensive composition. 

1095 CRO VAN Steel Properties 

The following are the properties of 1095 CRO VAN steel given its composition.


This steel has a hardness of 56 to 60 HRC, a convenient range you can choose from.

Edge Retention

The edge retention is great thanks to the Carbon, Manganese, Vanadium, and Chromium. The range of hardness also gives you better options for more edge retention. 

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion-resistance is lower due to the low amounts of Chromium, which make it vulnerable to rust.


The Sharpness is high, and it is easy to sharpen even though it has a greater hardness. This is an effective combination of any steel variety. 


The overall toughness is decent for 1095 CRO VAN steel. However, since it offers a range of hardness, the greater the hardness, the lower the toughness will be. 

Wear Resistance

The wear resistance of 1095 CRO VAN steel is impressive because of the Carbon, Chromium, and Vanadium composition. 

Does 1095 CRO VAN Steel Rust Easily 

It is important to note as a separate point the tendency of 1095 CRO VAN steel to rust. The reduced amounts of Chromium, which is only 0.6%, make it low on rust-resistance properties. As a result, it has a greater chance of becoming easily corroded. 

While choosing a 1095 CRO VAN steel kitchen knife for regular use, ensure that you avoid rust through timely maintenance. 

Is 1095 CRO Van Steel A Suitable Material for Knives?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question since the usage of 1095 CRO VAN steel knives can vary. Overall, it has great wear-resistance and edge retention, as well as toughness and hardness. This makes it a perfect pick for EDC knives. 

It should be kept in mind that this material is not the best for use in moist environments. Thus, for outdoor tasks like fishing, hunting, and so on, it might pose issues. Additionally, the durability is not as high either due to the lesser corrosion-resistance. 

As a result, depending on your usage, it is best to look for compatible properties. 1095 CRO VAN steel has several great abilities, but its shortcomings cannot be overlooked. 

The Best 1095 CRO VAN Steel Knife

Ka-Bar BK7 Becker Combat Utility Knife

For those who want some good options in the 1095 CRO VAN steel knife variety, this is a great choice. It is not only lightweight and easy to wield but also delivers on strength and trustiness. You can use it effectively for activities like hunting and camping at a more casual level. 

You can expect some great results from the 7” clip point blade on this knife. The Zittel handle offers ease of use, comfort, and enhanced grip. Not to mention, you can expect a well-rounded performance as far as toughness and usability are concerned. 

Ka-Bar BK7 is ideal for starting a fire, cutting up wood, and cutting cords. Additionally, the sharpening process is simple. However, keep in mind that this knife will not serve you very well in wet zones. 


These steel knives fall into the category of low-end knives. 1095 CRO VAN steel is a great pick within this class. Since it has properties like toughness and great edge retention, it is a reliable choice. 

Also, the affordability of these knives increases its accessibility. For maintenance purposes, you will have to put some effort into oiling and sharpening. However, all in all, 1095 CRO VAN steel knives are a decent choice for beginners to handle.