CTS 204p Steel For Knives Review – What Is It? How Good It Is?

CTS 204p steel is one of the best materials used to make premium knives. Since it is such a high-quality material, many well-known knife makers have made the most of it in their designs. 

In this article, we will go over detailed reviews and comparisons of CTS 204p steel knives. Read on to see if these tools are suitable for you. 


What Is CTS 240p Steel?

CTS 204p steel is a highly durable and corrosion-resistant material. It is a kind of stainless steel developed by Carpenter Technology Corporation. They use a specialized powder metallurgy technique and add high chromium, vanadium, and carbon levels to the mix. 

As a result, you get CTS 204p steel that is ideal for customized, industrial, and food processing equipment purposes. 

CTS 204p Steel Specifics 


The composition of CTS 204p steel is what makes it such great material for knives.


CTS 204p steel is made up of 1.9% Carbon for greater wear and tear resistance. 


The 20% Chromium composition adds corrosion resistance and edge retention. 


It consists of 0.35% Manganese for enhanced brittleness and toughness.


The 4% Vanadium also adds to hardness and corrosion resistance. 


0.6% Silicon is mixed in to give the steel more strength.


The 1% Molybdenum composition improves machinability as well. 


Finally, 65% of Tungsten is the main material that ensures both hardness and wear-resistance. 


Since CTS 204p steel has 20% Chromium in it, it comes under stainless steel. If the steel has more than 10 to 12% Chromium, it is considered to be stainless. 

CTS 204p Steel Properties

Given its composition, CTS 204p steel shows the following properties.


62 to 63 HRC is the maximum Rockwell Hardness of this steel.

Edge Retention

The high levels of Vanadium and Carbon ensure better edge retention.


The sharpness of CTS 204p steel might be a little lower since harder steels are difficult to sharpen. 

Wear Resistance

The high levels of Vanadium and Chromium add to wear resistance.  


The toughness of CTS 204p steel is impressive, without being brittle. 

Corrosion Resistance

The high level of Chromium ensures corrosion resistance.

CTS 204p Steel Alternatives and Comparisons 

This premium quality stainless steel is difficult to match. However, a few other sheets of steel like CPM 20CV and M390 are good alternatives with similar properties. These 2 sheets are also popular for knife making purposes, and there are subtle differences in hardness and edge retention. 

The following section is a comparative analysis of CTS 204p steel versus other steels. The main factors of analysis are corrosion resistance, edge retention, hardness, and sharpness. Generally speaking, CTS 204p steel scores 8/10 on corrosion resistance and edge retention. 

It gets 5/10 for sharpness and 6/10 for toughness. According to these figures, you can better understand the comparisons below. 

M390 Versus CTS 204P

These 2 steel varieties rank completely the same in their performance on all four measurements. 

S35VN Versus CTS 204P

CTS 204p steel and S35VN have the same toughness. S35VN also has slightly better sharpness; however, it is a little lower on the other 2 measurements. 

CPM-20CV Versus CTS-204P

This is another steel that has the same performance as CTS 204p steel as per all 4 measurements.

ELMAX Versus CTS-204P

ELMAX has higher scores for toughness as opposed to CTS 204p steel. However, the corrosion resistance and edge retention measurements are slightly lower for ELMAX. The ease of sharpness is the same for both.  

How Suitable Is CTS 204p Steel for Knives?

As far as knife materials go, CTS 204p steel is one of the best. Corrosion resistance and low wear and tear are perfect features in a knife for any avid cooks. Additionally, the toughness and excellent edge retention will benefit you in the long run. 

This makes it perfect for a variety of tasks, like fishing, hiking, hunting, and so on. Since CTS 204p steel knives are versatile and durable, their high price can be seen as an investment. 

One of the best CTS 204p steel knives is the sleek and heavy-duty ZT 0456. It is not only attractive but also performs well. The design of this knife is efficient and maximizes the properties of the steel. 

The frame adds to durability, and the flipper mechanism makes it convenient to use. Not to mention it comes with easy assembly and disassembly, making it a fan favorite. The price is not low, but you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth and more. 


Whether you are a knifemaker yourself or looking to buy a knife, knowing the material is necessary. You will be able to judge which premium quality knife is suitable for your requirements as a result. 

CTS 204p steel is a great material with justifiably high costs. Thus, it is up to you to decide what kind of knife experience you are looking for.