Maxamet Steel Knife Review

In the knife industry, how can you identify which steel is best to accomplish your tasks? Versatile steel would include exceptional sharpness, resistance to corrosion, and high durability. One such steel knife that has emerged in recent years is Maxamet Steel Knife. 

Officially known as Micro-Melt Maxamet, the Maxamet steel is formed after melding high-tech elements. Those elements are responsible for providing efficient performance and strength to the knife.  

If the Maxamet steel knife has got your attention, read the review article for detailed information. We will discuss the knife’s properties, chemical composition, and which Maxamet steel knives are the best in the market. 


What is a Maxamet steel knife?

Maxamet steel knife, as the name suggests, is made of maxamet steel. It is an alloy created using a high-tech meld of strong elements to produce performance and durability. 

Maxamet steel is a type of powder steel by the Carpenter Technology Corporation. It is especially used for knife blades and other high-quality steel applications.

Maxamet steel knife is getting more popular with every passing day, and its excellent edge retention and extreme strength have put it on the map. This article is a comprehensively detailed maxamet steel knife review, and you can decide if you found your perfect choice! 

Learning in depth about the blade of this knife

Maxamet steel knife is a high-performing knife made of tool steel which is known for its excellent edge retention. It is made of a high volume of carbon and a high volume of tungsten.

It is made of a finely ground mix of powders of metals, which is further compressed to bind everything together into shape. It is done under high pressure and temperature.

It is made by Carpenter Technology Corporations, a leading name in alloy-based material productions. The corporation is globally known for its high-performance specialization in material productions for critical applications.

What is Maxamet steel composed of?

Let’s take a look at the composition of the Maxamet steel knife. 


Maxamet steel is made of a high-level of tungsten. It has about 13% tungsten. The cutting efficiency and the hardness brought to maxamet steel by the addition of tungsten have revolutionized the metal industry. It has a significant impact on the strength of the knife.


Maxamet steel knife contains more than two percent of carbon. Other steels in the market with reliable edge retention contain less than one percent of carbon.

Maxamet steel knife is bound to be very hard owing to this level of carbon presence. It naturally helps in wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The presence of carbon also increases the overall durability of the product.


Vanadium is in quite a high amount in maxamet steel by the industry standards, which is 6 percent. It gives corrosion resistance and decreases the chances of wear. Maxamet steel knife has more than about 50 times more vanadium in its composition than 9Cr18MoV steel.


Chromium is present is about 4.75 percent; it brings the excellent edge retention this product is known for. Also, chromium hardens the alloy and boosts tensile strength.

The presence of chromium is what makes maxamet steel different from stainless steel since stainless steel contains at least 10% chromium.


Cobalt retains strength in high temperatures among its wide range of benefits. It also increases wear resistance. The quantity of cobalt present is about 10 percent.


Sulfur is added in about 0.7 percent to counterbalance the hardness of the material. The added sulfur makes the machining process easier.


This is added in about 0.25 percent to improve the toughness of the steel.


Manganese is added in about 0.3 percent to boost the hardness level of the material.

Best Feature: The hardness of Maxamet Steel Knife

It is one of the hardest steels in the market for commercial knives. Or you can simply say, Maxamet Steel Knife is super hard. Owing to its hardness maxamet steel knife has extremely reliable edge retention and resistance to wear or corrosion.

The hardness level of the Maxamet Steel knife is due to the presence of tungsten, carbon, magnesium, and Vanadium.

What are the properties of Maxamet Steel Knife?

As per the chemical composition, the Maxamet Steel knife offers the below-mentioned properties.

Excellent Edge Resistance

Maxamet Steel Knife has excellent edge resistance; in fact, this steel is known for its edge resistance. This has an added benefit; once you get the blade sharpened, it will stay that way for very long.

This property can be very useful in situations like outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, or the military since you need not bother with sharpening the knife every other day.

Maxamet steel has hardness above 65HRC, which is due to the presence of Tungsten and Carbon.

Superior Resistance to Wear and Tear

Maxamet Steel can easily shrug off all the regular wear and tear owing to its extreme hardness. Since it is super resistant to wear and tear, it lasts very long. If you take care of the knife properly and use it correctly, you can gift your maxamet steel knife to your grandchildren.

This kind of wear resistance is due to the presence of a high amount of tungsten and carbon as well as Vanadium.

Superior Resistance to Corrosion

Although the Maxamet steel knife is fairly resistant to corrosion, it is not as resistant as others that are available in the market. Corrosion resistance is directly proportional to the amount of chromium present.

In comparison to others in the market which is at least 12 percent, chromium is only 4 percent in maxamet steel knives.


The hardness of a metal is inversely proportional to toughness. So, you can expect it has somewhat lower toughness. However, the maximal steel knife does not break easily. It is tough enough to handle an ample amount of damage and beating.

What are Maxamet Steel Knife Equivalents? 

Being known as the Super Steel, Maxamet Steel Knife is undeniably the best in edge retention. 

Even after such uncommon and unique composition, the knife is close to CPM S110V. It offers impressive edge retention and amazing wear resistance. Another equivalent to Maxamet is M390 which shows more corrosion resistance and toughness. 

Lastly, M4 steel and Maxamet steel show similarity in chipping resistance and toughness. However, M4 steel shows more resistance to corrosion than Maxamet. 

Which Maxamet Steel Knife to pick?

Here are some of the best easily available maxamet steel knife you can pick from:

Final Thoughts

Maxamet steel knife is made of an innovative combination of components to give its users the perfect strength and durability. This knife is also good in terms of performance and high wear resistance.

So, no matter if you are a chef, a home cook, hunter, or someone who just loves to collect knives, a maxamet steel knife can be absolutely perfect for you to use on a daily basis!