Benchmade Anthem Alternatives

If you’re interested in the world of pocket knives, then you have most definitely, at one point, wanted to purchase a Benchmade Anthem pocket knife for yourself. However, getting your hands on such a pocket knife isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

In fact, you might have realized that even though you love the performance that the Benchmade Anthem provides, the pocket knife might feel a bit too big or a bit too small for your liking. Well, if you’re in such a conundrum, then we have some great alternatives for you.  


This pocket knife is one of the best alternatives for the Benchmade Anthem that you will find on the market today. It is particularly an EDC pocket knife, which makes it ideal for everyday use allowing you to perform a variety of daily cutting tasks. 

So, you can use it to open packages all the way to marking purposes. The Sebenza features a blade made of S30V steel with a stonewash finish, which helps in concealing any scratches inflicted on the blade due to wear and tear. 

The grind of this pocket knife is high hollow, which makes it incredibly thin. However, even though the slicer is quite thin, this knife is a heavy-duty one due to the thickness of its blade. The spine features a partial rise along with a sizeable belly, which helps makes this pocket knife incredibly ergonomic. 

As for the locking system, it features a frame lock. Overall, the Sebenza is not only a great alternative for the Benchmade Anthem and a great pocket knife on its own, which is sure to provide a great performance. 

However, the price point of the Sebenza is significantly higher than that of the Benchmade Anthem pocket knife. More specifically speaking, the Sebenza can cost you anywhere around 330 dollars, which is quite a hefty price tag for a pocket knife.    

Sharp by Design Micro Evo 2.0

This pocket knife is another great alternative for the Benchmade Anthem. It features a blade shape that follows the drop point shape and is composed using M390 steel. This combination of blade material and shape allows for the Micro Evo 2.0 pocket knife to be incredibly strong and resilient in terms of its edge strength. 

The tip of the blade is pointed, which allows this pocket knife to be used for everyday tasks as well as tasks that require a lot more precision work. The performance of this pocket knife is then further enhanced due to its generous and sizeable belly. 

The Micro Evo 2.0, as its name suggests, follows a compact design with a handle made of solid titanium. Its inlays are embossed and feature an OD green micarta. A great design feature that allows this pocket knife to disperse off its weight is the cutouts within the design, which also contribute to its unique and aesthetically pleasing design. 

It has a total length of 16.99 centimeters, where the blade accounts for 7.62 centimeters. Apart from that, the Micro Evo 2.0 pocket knife uses a frame locking system.

Sypderco Spydiechef

This is one of the best alternatives out there for the Benchmade Anthem pocket knife. Not only is it known as a great alternative, but the pocket knife has several useful features that help make it one of the most desirable pocket knives on the market today. 

It is incredibly user-friendly due to its ergonomic design, is incredibly refined in the world of folding knives, and offers incredible balancing capabilities. It can be used for a variety of different everyday tasks and can be carried quite easily. 

The Spyderco Spydiechef is known to be resistant to corrosion and features a blade that is curved and composed using LC200N. This is made possible due to the usage of an alloy that is nitrogen-based and state-of-the-art, which is, in fact, used for aerospace applications as ball bearing, that too, at NASA.

The profile of the blade is broad and features a grind that is known to be full-flat, which ensures precision combined with incredibly low levels of friction. This allows for an incredible performance, where the knife will slice through tough materials like butter. 

As for the thickness and length of the blade, the Spyderco Spydiechef is known to have a blade that is 3 millimeters thick and 113 millimeters long. However, the overall length of the pocket knife is 198 millimeters long. It has a weight equivalent to 3.8oz and a pocket knife handle made of titanium.