How Long Do Lighters Last?

It is hard to imagine that buying a lighter could be an arduous task as one has to think of many factors. Factors like durability, cost, design, and, most importantly, longevity seem to influence how a lighter works.

Moreover, buyers also find it hard to make a suitable choice due to the numerous brands available. BIC, Zippos, Clipper, Calico, and the list goes on; each brand claims to be the leading manufacturer in the market. Such a wide array of choices compels an individual to make a heavy purchase or a senseless one.

People who use it frequently should know that each lighter has a different length of service. Some lighters require specific storage conditions to increase their longevity, while few can be refueled easily.

However, certain brands mention a predicted life expectancy of their lighters, letting consumers know about the product’s durability. So here is what you can do to increase the life span of your lighter.


Keep The Liquid Inside The Lighter Warm

Keeping the liquid present inside the lighter warm helps increase the internal pressure. Once high pressure is built up inside the vessel, the lighter will light instantly with minimum loss of fuel. Likewise, the less the liquid inside the lighter is burnt, the longer it will last. So make sure to keep your lighters warm to maintain high internal pressure.

Store in a Cool Place

Some users may find it strange to keep the lighter in a cool place. It may be because it is always advised to heat the lighter to maintain high internal pressure. It is possible when your BIC lighter is not in use for quite some time. At times people even consider storing their lighters in refrigerators. Although it sounds crazy, it is hard to believe that it works unless there is no leakage in the seal. Leakage is not an issue as lighters can be easily refilled, but it could be hazardous for health if the liquid drips into food. Therefore, it is recommended to always check for leaks when storing lighters in cool places like refrigerators.

Keep The Lighter In Pressurized Jar

Rusting and leakage are two things that greatly decrease the durability of the lighter. Another useful hack that would help your lighter last longer is storing them in pressurized jars or containers. However, one should not over-pressurize the jar, which may cause it to explode. Also, the component inside the lighter will leak away, thus making the plastic vessel liable to corrode. BIC lighters can also be stored in polythene bags or dry containers with tightly sealed lids. This way, your lighter will not only be corrosion-free but will also last longer due to no leakage.


How Often Can A Single Lighter Be Used?

One of the many concerns that pop into every buyer’s mind is the sturdiness and lasting strength of the lighter. Most lighters are not durable enough to last not more than a month, thus forcing an individual to make another purchase. The first question a buyer asks is about the longevity of the lighter. The number of times a lighter is used to spark a flame indicates its life span. Every lighter manufacturer has a different claim regarding the details of their products.

For instance, BIC lighters, one of the leading products in the market, can light up to 3000 times. At the same time, most of its consumers have reported that the lighter can generate flame approximately 1000 times or even more. Similarly, a zippo lighter is capable of sparking flame about 200 times. Zippo lighters usually last long as they are refilled once every week.

How Long Does A BIC Lighter Typically Burns?

BIC lighters are among the most commonly used and well-known lighters of all time. However, since they exist in two forms, their duration of lasting a spark usually varies. An ordinary BIC lighter is designed to burn for an hour. While a mini BIC lighter burns for not more than 20 minutes as it contains less butane in it due to its small size. However, both the lighters should not be lighted for a prolonged time as immense heat will cause the plastic vessel to deform.

How Many Months Does A BIC Lighter Lasts?

The longevity of a lighter is highly influenced by its usage. Hence the more the lighter is used, the sooner it finishes. When a BIC lighter is used daily, it typically can last for about five to six months.