Gerber Strongarm Vs Esee 4: What’s The Main Difference?

The main difference between the Gerber Strongarm and Esee 4 are their weight, price, and size. Esee 4 is slightly smaller than the other knife yet heavier. The coating of the knives is also different, with Gerber Strongarm having a ceramic coat while Esee 4 has a textured carbon finish.

These two blades also have some similarities, such as they both come under the survival knives category. If you don’t know which knife to buy for your needs, worry no more. Here is a complete guide about Gerber Strongarm vs Esee 4.


What Does Gerber Strongarm Offer?

The Gerber Strongarm is the top choice for many hunters because of its exceptional features. This full tang knife comes with a partially serrated or straight blade for cutting through meat and different items. The blade is also made of 420HC steel offering the knife great strength.

Besides that, the Cerakote coating also offers high resistance to wear and tear. So you can easily use the knife for many years before noticing significant degradation. The best part about the item is its glass-filled nylon handle with a rubber grip for firm management.

The grip also has textured diamonds to offer high traction while being soft. This knife has a drop point blade design making it suitable for starting campfires, breaking windows, and cleaning your hunt. The multiple sheath systems also offer high flexibility to users. You can hang the knife vertically on a MOLLE surface or horizontally on belts.

What Does Esee 4 Offer?

Esee 4 is a smaller knife than Gerber Strongarm yet suitable for survival situations. It has a simple yet robust design to offer you good durability for extended use. The knife was designed by a crew who runs a survival training school with different classes. So you can rely on the function of this small blade.

The full tan 4-inch blade is the top feature of this knife because of its carbon steel construction. This material offers high strength to Esee 4 and makes it more durable. You can easily use it to break the ice, cut wood, dig holes, and much more. The handle is a bit thick, but the knife does not weigh much.

Besides that, the solid belly of the knife is suitable for cutting deep slices of meat. Meanwhile, the robust point is best for causing deep stabs. You can also get external sheaths for storing this blade.

Gerber Strongarm Vs Esee 4: What Are The Differences?

Here are the primary differences between Gerber Strongarm Vs Esee 4 to help you make the right buying decision:

Esee 4 Is Heavier

The construction of Esee 4 includes a thicker handle which makes it heavier than Gerber Strongarm. There is a 0.8 oz difference between the weight of these two blades. If you don’t want to strain your hand or carry a heavy knife, the Gerber Strongarm is a better option.

A great feature of the Strongarm is that its weight is balanced better and offers users high flexibility. Meanwhile, the Esee 4 may burden you, especially if you’re not used to carrying heavy knives. So you should consider the weight before buying any one of these blades.

Gerber Strongarm Is Less Expensive

Both knives allow you to withstand survival situations and cut meat with ease. However, the price difference between the two is significant. You can get Esee 4 for $143.50 from the official brand website. Meanwhile, the Gerber Strongarm is for $75.

You should note that price is not the best indicator of quality. Gerber Strongarm may be cheaper, but it also has high durability. The knife can last for many years without wear and tear. Esee 4 also has good durability but may not be highly resistant to wear and tear.

Gerber Strongarm Comes With Sheaths

The top similarity between the two knives is that they are not foldable. This is why storing them in a sheath is suitable for keeping the blades out of reach from kids. The best part is that Gerber Strongarm comes with multiple sheath systems to help you save time and money.

You will not have to shop the covers externally from other platforms. Meanwhile, Esee 4 does not come with a sheath. So you will have to spend additional money to store this knife in a cover.

Gerber Strongarm Vs Esee 4: Which One Should You Get?

Gerber Strongarm and Esee 4 are great knives that will help you cut meat, protect yourself from animals and humans, and engage in hunting. However, the best purchasing option depends on your needs. Gerber Strongarm is a better choice because of its lightweight design, robust handle, and high durability.