How to Close Kershaw Knife?

Kershaw knives are popular folding knives and are often used for hunting. The company is known for its quality, innovation, and affordability.

The Kershaw knife has a blade that is made from 420HC stainless steel. It also features a frame lock mechanism that securely locks the blade. To close the Knife, you need to press down on the thumb stud and push it into the handle.


Features of Kershaw Knife

Kershaw knife is a folding knife. The blade is usually between four and six inches long. It has one or two handles. The blade is serrated on one side, which is typically used for cutting rope, while the other side is smooth. 

This type of Knife is commonly used by backpacking and bush craft enthusiasts. The Spyderco C129GP is a good example of this style of Knife. The blade is always on the long side of the blade. The handle has a hole to slip your thumb through and grip. Survivalists and hunters commonly use this type of Knife.

The other type has a blade with a short side. The handle has no hole in it, and you hold the Knife with two fingers on the handle and your thumb on top of it so that it becomes a fist. This type of Knife is used by military personnel, individuals who require extra protection, or those who want to carry multiple knives.

The Kershaw knife also features a convenient pocket clip and comes in either a satin finish or a bead blast. The Knife is 8.8 inches long, has an overall length of 11.6 inches, and weighs 2.6 ounces. This is not an expensive knife, so you can easily purchase more than one Kershaw to keep on hand. Knives are necessary for every household, and we can’t imagine going without them.

Advantages of Using Kershaw Knife

Kershaw knives are a world-renowned, industry-leading brand. They are designed by military and law enforcement personnel, but they’re also made to be affordable to the everyday consumer. The Kershaw knife is a knife that has been around for over 100 years and is guaranteed to be sharp and reliable every time you carry it.

It is also eco-friendly and manufactured with high-quality materials that have been tested and approved by quality control experts. What sets the Kershaw knife apart from the rest is that it is made in America by skilled American workers and is fully guaranteed. They are also designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, making them highly appealing to their consumers. 

The Kershaw knife features a textured handle with a non-slip design that helps reduce hand fatigue. This folding Knife is superior for Everyday Street fighting because of its size and weight. It is also considered more reliable than the fixed blade knife because it will not break or weaken from the daily wear and tear that occurs from use.

Drawbacks of Using Kershaw Knife

Kershaw knives are not very durable. These knives are not as sharp as other brands. In addition, the Knife is very slippery when wet. The blade used is called the Stanley blade, which is not very durable. 

How to Close Kershaw Knife?

There are a few ways that you can close a Kershaw knife.

The most common way is to pry the blade open and then twist it, which will result in the blade closing on its own.

Some people use pliers to close this Knife. This is not recommended because it can damage the blade. You should also avoid using your bare hands because they can slip and close the Knife on your fingers, which is extremely painful. Some people put their knives in a block of wood when storing them. This is not recommended because the blade can get scratched or damaged. 

It is also recommended not to put a knife too deep into the woodblock. Some people use a tight-fitting sheath made from leather or similar material. This is an alternative, but it still can cause damage to the blade if you don’t put it incorrectly. One thing that people have found useful is using a knife holder.

Place the Knife in the holder with the tip facing down. This will prevent scratching or gouging your knife blade when you insert it into the holder.

Push straight down on top of the blade until it is completely inserted and locked by spring-loaded arms (the holder has a spring-loaded arm that locks onto each end of the blade holder).