Buck 301 Vs 307: Which One Should You Get?

The primary differences between Buck 301 and 307 are their weight, size, and blade lengths. If you want a small knife for everyday kitchen tasks, the Buck 301 is a suitable model. Meanwhile, the Buck 307 is best for high needs, hunting purposes, and robust knife experience.

Buck is famous for offering multiple unique knives for hunting and safety purposes. If you’re struggling to choose between Buck 301 vs 307, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about them.


Offerings Of Buck 301

The Buck 301 is smaller than the 307 models and serves best as a pocket knife. It is sufficiently durable to withstand various everyday tasks that require you to use a small blade. The top feature of this knife is that it comes with three blades.

You can use the clip, sheepsfoot, and spey blades for your daily needs. The clip type is the primary option and is 2.75 inches long. Meanwhile, the other two blades are two inches long. These three types enable you to easily perform detail work, skinning, and flat cuts.

Meanwhile, the blades of Buck 301 are made of 420HC steel with Bos treatment. This is why they are resistant to corrosion and have high durability. The Black Valox handle also adds to the aesthetics of the knife and makes it a bit stylish. Lastly, the item’s weight is 2.9 oz making it lightweight for easy carrying.

Offerings Of Buck 307

The Buck 307 is an excellent knife from the 300 series that was last produced in the 90s. This item has many similarities with the Buck 301 model because they are from the same series. For instance, the 307 knife also has three blades with different lengths.

You can easily keep the knife in a sheath because of the folding functionality. The primary blade length of the item is 4.25 inches when closed. This is why Buck 307 is suitable for tough manual work. The knife is suitable for skinning a bear, killing different animals during hunting, cutting tough meat, and more.

The black Delrin handle offers a firm grip to help you perform tasks with ease. A slip joint lock is another great feature of this 3.8 oz knife. Its overall length is 7.5 inches when opened. So you should not expect to carry it in your pockets daily.

Buck 301 Vs 307: The Primary Differences

Here are the primary differences between Buck 301 vs 307 to help you make an informed decision:

Buck 307 Is Rare

The top feature of Buck 307 is that the brand no longer produces it. This knife’s production was stopped during the 90s, so you will not encounter new options on the market. However, you may still come across used versions of the knife.

Many people sell their old Buck 307 on eBay and other shopping platforms. So you will have to do thorough research if you want to purchase this knife. Meanwhile, you can easily buy Buck 301 from the official brand’s site because it is still being produced.

Buck 301 Is Cheaper

Many factors affect the price of these two knives, such as size, blade length, and overall purpose. The Buck 301 is cheaper because it is a smaller item and serves as a pocket knife. Meanwhile, Buck 307 is designed for extensive work with larger blades and heavier construction.

The rarity of Buck 307 is also another factor that adds to the price. You can get Buck 301 from the official site for $64.99. However, the cost of Buck 307 varies significantly from one platform to another. You can expect to pay at least $100 or more to get the larger knife.

Buck 307 Does Not Come With A Warranty

If you purchase Buck 307 from an external seller, you should not expect to get a warranty. This is because the knife will be used and may have some defects because of that. So you cannot purchase it with high confidence or be sure about the quality.

Luckily, you don’t have to face the same issue with Buck 301. The brand offers a warranty with all its new knives. If you find a defect in your model, you can easily return it for an exchange or refund.

Buck 301 Vs 307: Which One Should You Get?

Buck 301 and 307 are excellent knife models by the brand that helps you perform different tasks. However, the latter is a better purchasing option because it is readily available on the market. You can also get unused Buck 301, while the 307 model comes in used options only.