Buck 102 Vs 105: What Is The Main Difference? (2023)

The main difference between Buck 102 vs 105 is the length and weight of the knife. Both the knives are great, but the one you select depends on what you are looking for. That is because Buck creates the best knives for all outdoorsmen.

So, if you can’t decide whether to get the 102 or 105, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide to making the right choice.


What The Buck 102 Offers

If you are going out in the wild hunting for small fish or game, the Buck 102 is ideal for you. It is a true hunting knife that will ensure you can hunt in no time. In addition, the 102 is a fixed knife that comes at an overall length of 7 ¾ inches, making it small compared to other hunting knives.

However, you must not let the size fool you, as the 0.120 inches fine clip point blade offers excellent performance. The weight is also light as it only weighs 2.5oz. So, if you want a hunting knife that is easy to use and handle for hours, then this is the ideal choice.

Keep in mind that the 102 comes in two handle variants. One is a Phenolic handle, and the other is a Cocobolo DymaLux. You can choose between these handles, but no matter what you select, both of them come in a black leather sheath to help you carry it easily.

What The Buck 105 Offers

Now that you know what the 102 offers, you must understand what Buck 105 offers for a Buck 1202 vs 105 comparison. The 105 is also a small knife ideal for bushcraft, woodwork, and fame hunting. In addition, many people love that it offers an excellent performance balance.

The overall length of the 105 comes at 9 1/8 inches, and the weight begins at 4.5 oz. Because of this, if you need a sustainable and substantial knife to use daily, the 105 is perfect. The blade thickness and steel are the same.

However, the shape of the blade is different as the 105 offers a modified clip blade design. Besides that, the 105 also comes with additional features such as deep choil, thumb ridges, finger guard, and more. These features offer you the agility you need despite the size of the blade.

Buck 102 Vs 105: A Comparison Of The Features

To make it easier for you, we have compared all the features of Buck 102 vs 105. Here is a table to help you understand what features the knives offer:


Buck 102

Buck 105

Blade Type


Modified Clip

Blade Thickness

0.120 inches

0.120 inches





7 ¾ inches

9 1/8 inches



420 HC

Ideal Use

Hunting small fish and game

Woodwork, hunting big game, and bushcraft

As you can see, most of the specifications of these knives are similar. The main difference lies in the blade type and the weight. Because of these features, the ideal use of the Buck 102 and 105 are also unique.

Buck 102 Vs 105: A Detailed Comparison

Buck 102 vs 105 looks similar when comparing some features, but both have differences that fulfill various hunting and outdoor needs. For example, many generations of hunters have been using the Buck 102 as their ideal hunting knife.

That is because the finger guard, thumb ridges, and clip point blade ensure that hunters get all the control they need while hunting. As you use this for hunting, you will notice incredible control and performance that will make all hunting tasks comfortable.

On the other hand, even the Buck 105 is ideal for hunters. However, it is much more heavy-duty, and you can even use it for woodwork. That includes whittling, making shavings, and cutting small trees.

Because of this, you will find that the 105 is heavier and longer as compared to the 102. Both Buck 102 and 105 come with a Phenolic or Cocobolo DymaLux grip with the same pricing and a difference of only a few dollars.

That is why the knife you select depends on your needs and what you require from it. Once you figure this out, you can select anyone, and it will offer you the best use for a long time to come.

Final Verdict: Which Knife Is Better?

If we compare Buck 102 vs 105, there is no knife that is better than the other. That is because if you require a compact yet excellent hunting knife, you must opt for the Buck 102. On the other hand, if you want a hunting knife that is an all-rounder, then you will love the Buck 105.

So, decide what you want and purchase the Buck 102 or 105. None of these knives will disappoint you.