Buck 501 Vs 503: Which One Should You Get? (2023)

The main differences between Buck 501 and 503 are their weight, size, and uses. If you want an all-rounder knife suitable for hunting, you should opt for Buck 501. Meanwhile, you should get the 503 if you require a small everyday carry knife.

Buck is a famous brand you will come across when shopping for knives.

If you’re confused between the Buck 501 and 503 models, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you.


Buck 501: What Does It Offer?

The Buck 501 is an excellent folding knife to help you perform various tasks. Its total length is 3.75 inches when closed, so you can easily carry it in your pocket. Using a light chain, you can also put the Buck 501 around your neck.

Meanwhile, the knife is 6.5 inches after you open it. This size is suitable for helping you carry out everyday kitchen tasks such as cutting meat. The blade also weighs 3oz and is light enough not to strain your hand. This is one of the reasons why people prefer this knife.

Besides that, the blade makes up 2.75 inches of the knife when opened. The best part is that it is made of 420HC steel. This means that the item can complete every task you use it for. Moreover, this material is the standard one for most Buck knives.

Lastly, the knife has an excellent Dymalux redwood handle that offers a comfortable grip. When holding the Buck 501, you will feel great instead of awkward. The best part is that the handle is also easy to clean because of the material.

Buck 503: What Does It Offer?

The Buck 503 is a highly compact knife that serves as one of the best pocket knives. It is also a folding item, just like the 501 version. The top feature of this version is that it has the perfect balance between quality and size. So you should not expect any part to be compromised.

This knife is 3.375 inches when closed, which is why you can carry it in multiple ways without discomfort. Meanwhile, the complete body is about 5.67 inches to help you perform small daily tasks. The 2oz weight also makes this model lighter than the Buck 501.

However, the blade of this knife is also shorter and is about 2.5 inches. Meanwhile, the item’s redwood handle is made of the same material as the Buck 501’s handle. This means that you can easily hold the item and enjoy the high-quality construction.

Buck 501 Vs 503: Key Similarities

The primary similarity between the two knives is that they’re part of the 500 series. This is why the construction of the blades and handle is similar. Both the knives are made of Dymalux handles with a redwood finishing.

Another thing you must remember about the knives is that they both are USA-made. This means you will get the Forever guarantee of Buck on each model. The items also curve in the same way when opened and kept beside each other.

Buck 501 Vs 503: Key Differences

Here are the top differences between the Buck 501 and 503 knives:

Buck 501 Is Bigger

The top benefit of getting the Buck 501 is a bigger knife. Of course, you can still carry it in your pocket because of a good size balance. However, the bigger blade ensures you can do more tasks with the knife. It is also suitable for you if you have larger hands.

Buck 501 Is Thicker

Another vital feature of the Buck 501 is its blade thickness of 0.096 inches. Meanwhile, the 503 model has a 0.084 inches thickness. This means that the Buck 501 will perform better in some tasks. For instance, cutting meat will be easier with this version.

Buck 503 Is Lighter

Using a knife can strain your hand at times because of the weight. You will also have to apply more force when using heavier knives. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this if you’re getting the Buck 503. This model is 1oz lighter than the 501 knives. So it makes a better pocket knife.

Buck 501 Comes With A Sheath

The top thing that makes Buck 501 superior is that it comes with a leather sheath for protection. The cover also improves the blade’s safety and prevents it from being exposed to air for an extended period. You should note that the Buck 503 does not have a sheath.

Buck 503 Is Less Expensive

The Buck 503 is less expensive than the 501 if you’re on a tight budget. However, you should note that the difference is not significant. You can get the Buck 503 for $67.99, while the other model costs $69.99.

Buck 501 Vs 503: Which One Should You Get?

This is everything you need to know about Buck 501 vs 503. The best model for you depends on your requirements and budget. If you want an all-rounder knife with more flexibility, opt for the Buck 501.

Meanwhile, you can get the Buck 503 if you need a small pocket knife for everyday protection. Besides that, you can also consider the key differences to choose the best model.