Buck 110 vs. Buck 112 – What’s The Difference? (2023)

The main difference between the Buck 110 and 112 is the weight and size. Buck 112 is heavier and bigger. On the other hand, the Buck 110 is smaller and lighter. That is why the one you select depends on your preferences.

If you want to choose between these knives, you have come to the right place. Here is what you need to know about Buck 110 vs Buck 112.


What The Buck 110 Offers

The Buck 110 is one of the most classic knives out there. It has an incredible reputation, and everyone that loves the outdoors swears by this knife. The original Buck 110 has been in the market since the 60s, but the Hunter Pro is a new version that is fantastic.

The Buck 110 Hunter Pro offers a G10 handle resin and S30v steel to make your experience even better. That is because the resin is indestructible and will resist extreme heat, cold, impact, and much more. So, no matter what the conditions are in the wild, your Buck 110 will persevere.

Buck 110’s style is also foldable as the handle length is 3.75 inches and the weight is 7.7oz. You will feel comfortable while holding it and carrying it with you wherever you go. It is the ideal knife for people looking for a light and small pocket knife for the outdoors.

What The Buck 112 Offers

Now that you know what Buck 110 offers, you must know what Buck 112 offers to compare Buck 110 vs Buck 112. The Buck 112 Ranger Pro has also gotten an update this year to make the knife even better. You will notice that most of the features of this design are the same as 110, such as the S30v steel, G10 resin, and much more.

However, the main difference between Buck 110 vs Buck 112 is that 112 is lighter as it weighs 6.4oz. Besides that, 112 is 1.4 inches shorter than 110. Of course, blade thickness is the same in both knives.

Remember that many people with smaller hands prefer the Buck 112. That is because the knife is comfortable for smaller hands as it offers some extra nimbleness. So, it really depends on what you feel more comfortable with when you select between Buck 110 and Buck 112.

Buck 110 Vs Buck 112: A Comparison Of Features

It is crucial to understand the features of Buck 110 vs Buck 112 before you buy one of these knives. Here is a comparison table of the features to offer better guidance:


Buck 110

Buck 112

Knife Length

7.25 inches

8.625 inches

Blade Style

Clip Point

Clip Point

Blade Length

3.75 inches

3 inches




Blade Steel




It starts at $59

It starts at $59


Black Leather

Black Leather

These are the top specifications of the Buck 110 and Buck 112. As you can see, almost all the features are similar except the weight and size. That is why you can select an outdoor knife that suits you better during your activities.

Buck 110 Vs Buck 112: The Key Differences

Here are the key differences between the Buck 110 vs Buck 112:

1. The Blade Length

The Buck 112 has a blade length of three inches, and the 110 has a blade length of 3.75 inches. So, the blade length of Buck 112 is shorter.

2. The Weight

The Buck 110 weighs 7.7oz, while the 112 weighs 6.4oz. If you prefer a lighter and more compact knife, the 112 is the ideal choice. That is because it will not feel too heavy.

Buck 110 Vs Buck 112: The Similarities

Here are the top similarities of the Buck 110 vs Buck 112:

  • Pricing: Both have the same price point
  • Blade Style: Both knives offer a clip point blade
  • Handle Material: The handle material of both the knives is natural ebony wood
  • Sheath: Both knives come in a black leather sheath
  • Steel: Both the knives have 420HC steel. Such a steel offers wear and tear resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, and excellent retention

As you can see, both the knives have various similarities. So, it depends on what you prefer when you select the knife of your choice.

Final Verdict: Which Knife Is Better?

In Buck 110 vs Buck 112, there is no winner because both the knives are similar with minor differences. The one you select depends on what you want from the knife. If you want a lighter and more compact option, the 112 is ideal.

On the other hand, if you have big hands and require a comfortable knife, then the 110 is perfect for you. So, go through our guide and make an informed decision about the outdoor knife you will purchase to fulfill your needs.