Buck 112 vs. 55 – What’s The Difference? (2023)

The main differences between the Buck 112 and 55 are their size and usage. Buck 55 is the primary model for you if you require a pocket knife. Meanwhile, the 112 blade is suitable for heavy-duty chores and does not serve as a pocket knife.

If you want to know more about the differences between Buck 112 and 55, you’re in the right place.

Here is all the information you need about the two knives to make a suitable buying decision.


What Does Buck 112 Offer?

The Buck 112 is designed to serve as a smaller version of the Buck 110 knife. It comes with a 3 inches clip point blade that makes the item more durable. The overall size of the knife is 7.25 inches after opening and 4.25 inches after closing.

Besides that, the knife is relatively heavy and weighs 5.9oz. This is one of the reasons why this item is not suitable to serve as a pocket knife. Typically, it will cause a bulge if you carry it in that way.

You should also note that the blade is made of 420HC steel and has undergone Paul Bos heat treatment. This provides excellent edge retention to the knife and also makes it corrosion-resistant. So you can use the blade for many years to come.

The knife is also made of ebony wood and brass bolsters with a bit of lip to help your hand be more stable. This blade also has a Lockback system to keep it open. The Buck 112 also comes with a leather sheath for protecting the knife and carrying it safely.

What Does Buck 55 Offer?

The Buck 55 is an excellent knife that will fulfill your needs for a compact blade. A prime feature of this item is that it has a similar design as the Buck 110. However, this version is lighter, smaller, and packed with valuable features.

This knife is perfect for everyday use, carving, and serving as a camping knife. Its total size is 5.75 inches when opened and 3.375 inches when closed.

This is why you can easily carry this knife in your pocket without bulging. The blade also makes up 2.375 inches of the item.

Like the Buck 112, this knife also has a 420HC steel blade with a clip point shape and Paul Bos heat treatment. However, this part also has a tumbled finish in this version. The handle is also similar to the Buck 112 because it is made of ebony wood.

The Lockback system is also a prime feature of this Buck knife. However, the best thing about this item is that it is lighter. The 55 model weighs about 1.9oz to help you perform tasks without straining your hand.

Buck 112 Vs 55: The Main Differences

Here are the primary differences between the Buck 112 and 55 knives to help you make an informed decision:

Buck 112 Has A Better Thickness

The primary feature of Buck 112 is its 0.120 inches blade thickness. This allows you to perform tough tasks with the knife. For instance, you can use it for skinning, cutting bulky meat, and other heavy chores.

On the other hand, the Buck 55 has a 0.084 inches blade thickness. It is also smaller and lighter. This is why you should not expect the knife to help you with heavy-duty chores.

The Buck 55 mainly fulfills your carving, camping, and pocket knife needs. It is not the best choice if you require a blade for hunting purposes.

55 Does Not Have Sheath

Both models fold into compact shapes to help you carry them with ease. However, Buck 112 comes with a leather sheath for better protection. It enables you to keep the knife safe from the external environment.

Besides that, the sheath will also help you prevent kids from getting their hands on the knife. Unfortunately, you will not get such a cover with the Buck 55. This model is designed to serve as a pocket, so the brand does not consider it necessary for you to use the sheath.

Buck 55 Is A Better Kitchen Knife

Are you looking for a knife to help you do kitchen tasks with ease? If so, you should consider Buck 55 over 112. This version is lighter yet sharp to help you cut small things. For instance, you can cut vegetables with this knife. It may also be suitable to clean small fish.

The Buck 112 can also help you in the kitchen, but it is not designed for such tasks. Besides that, the knife is also heavier and may cause you to stress your hand. This blade is mainly better for outdoor hunting tasks.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about the differences between Buck 112 vs 55. Both knives have the same price of $59.99, so you don’t have to consider the budget. Instead, you should mainly consider the features and needs to choose a suitable model.