S30V Vs. 14c28n: What’s The Main Difference?

The main difference between S30V and 14c28n is the edge retention. S30V has higher edge retention. On the other hand, 14c28n is easy to sharpen than the S30V. That is why the one you select depends on your preferences.

If you want to choose between these two knives, you’ve come to the right place. Here is all you need to know about S30V Vs. 14c28n.


What the S30V Offers

The S30V is known as a premium-grade knife out there. It is one of the most popular blades you will find. Offering you remarkable edge retention and resists rust at an extensive level, this is why the S30V is the widely used American knife. 

Referred to as the premium American pocket knife, the S30V is one of the most favorite knives. Made from stainless steel and highly corrosion-resistant, the use of vanadium carbides in this blade plays an important role in its strength.

Other than the edge retention, the balance, toughness, and hardness of the S30V knife are perfect. It is a common foldable knife you will find but still the most favorite one. 

What the 14c28n Offers

The 14c28n is a Swedish stainless steel blade designed to upgrade the previous series blades of Sandvik, the manufacturer. Carrying optimized chemistry and technology, the 14c8n is an upper-grade knife in the market. 

The 14c8n blade has a tough edge and excellent performance. The blade was initially designed to be highly resistant to corrosion, and the Sandvik was successful with that. Nitrogen technology was used to enhance the steel and improve the corrosion resistance of the 14c8n knife by the team at Sandvik. 

It is a perfect pocket knife to have during camping or other outdoor activities. The Sandvik team has worked hard to introduce new variants of 14c8n knives to offer a better user experience. 

S30V Vs. 14c28n: A Comparison of the Features

To make it easier for you to understand, we have compared the features rating of S30V and 14c8n. Here is a table to help you understand the difference you may experience in both the knives:

FeaturesRating of S30VRating of 14c8n
Steel Toughness6/106/10
Ease of Sharpness5/106/10
Edge Retention5/103/10
Corrosion Resistance7/107/10

As we previously mentioned, the main difference you will feel while using both blades would be the edge retention. This table will help you understand how different other features are. 

S30V Vs. 14c8n: A Detailed Comparison

Both blades are somehow similar in many ways. However, if you go into the detail, you may experience the difference. As previously mentioned, we discussed the comparison of features rating. Therefore, here we will compare the appearance and many other details. 

The S30V is an American blade widely used and popular as a premium-grade blade that you will love. Perfect for hunters and backpackers, it works as an essential. In addition, some experts claim that the S30V is a high-end all-around stainless steel blade.

On the other hand, 14c8n is a Swedish blade designed for high corrosion resistance. Moreover, the 14c8n blade is bigger and gives tough competition to the S30V knife. 

However, the 14c8n is bigger and widely used in the kitchen and during cutting outdoor. In addition, hunters like to have an S30V blade in their pocket whenever they look for prey.

The blade length of S30V is 3.38 inches and foldable, making it extremely portable. At the same time, the length of the 14c8n blade is 3.5 inches but is not foldable. 

The steel used in the S30V is harder and heavy-duty, making it durable and long-lasting. As a result, an S30V blade can be in your possession for years without showing any signs of damage.

Final Verdict: Which Knife is Better?

If we compare S30V and 14c8n, there is no knife better than the other. It all depends on your preference and usage. The S30V is a knife you should always have around in your pocket. The S30V is Americans’ favorite, and they don’t prefer any other blade over it. 

However, there is no doubt that the 14c8n is a great knife and would work great. Therefore, there is a reason why we have to compare both of them as they are great to have. 

Now it is all in your hands to choose the one which would suit you better and be your partner throughout every expedition. So be it any knife you choose from these two, handle them with and use them safely.