Troodon Vs. Ultratech: What’s the Main Difference?

The main difference between Troodon and Ultratech is the design, length and shape of the blade. Both the knives are great, but it depends on what your knife’s looking for. Both knives are great for outdoors people. 

Do you have confusion in choosing the one knife that would suit you? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the complete guide that will help you make the right choice. 


What The Troodon Offers

Designed and manufactured by MICROTECH, Troodon and Ultratech are great knives of the OTF series. However, Combat Troodon referred to as the Troodon, is specially designed for close-quarters combat situations. 

Perfect for close combats, but the Troodon comes to help for various utilities as well. The Troodon is a perfect weapon for everyday carry, and the design makes it a perfect pocket knife. 

In addition, the Troodon is a knife that the Law enforcement agencies personnel of the US love. Therefore, the Armed Forces and the First Respondent Service Personnel will surely have a Troodon in their pocket. 

Made from premium-grade steel, Troodon is a heavy-duty knife that is highly resistant to corrosion and wouldn’t show any damage after years of use. It is not foldable, but the blade slides in, making it perfect in size to fit in your pocket. 

What The Ultratech Offers

Known as the flagship model of the OTF series introduced by MICROTECH, Ultratech is a knife that would be your perfect buddy during hunting and other outdoor activities. The Ultratech was designed with special technology and involved an advanced mechanism. 

To improve the durability of the inner firing mechanism, the Ultratech firing is always at rest at both times, the open and close of the blade. This ensures that the inner mechanism experience minimum wears.

The chassis handle of the Utratech knife has an ergonomic design and feel that makes it extremely light to feel. In addition, it comes in a smooth and flat finish. 

Troodon Vs. Ultratech: A Comparison of The Features

To make it easier for you to understand the difference between both the knives by MICROTECH, we have prepared a table. So keep reading to understand what difference you may experience in both blades.

Blade Length3.81 inches3.35 inches
Overall Length9.5 inches8.36 inches
Blade SteelM390M390
Handle Material6061-T66061-T6
Full Weight5.43 oz.3.5 oz.

As you can see, most of the specifications are similar. Only the size and the design of the blade of both the knives is different. Even the blade steel is of the same grade. 

Troodon Vs. Ultratech: A Detailed Comparison

Troodon and Ultratech look similar, and there is a small difference in the size of both knives. In addition, the uses of these knives are also a bit different. Troodon is an ideal knife for combat situations, whereas the Ultratech is an ideal knife for hunters. 

The finish and the weight of Ultratech are light which makes it easier to carry. On the other hand, the weight of the Troodon gives you a better grip over the handle during combats. 

Law Enforcement agencies personnel across the US widely use Troodon. This tells how remarkable Troodon is and what spectacular build quality is of the knife. 

On the contrary, hunters, hikers, and campers use the Ultratech due to its versatility and ease of carrying. The Ultratech can be of any use that you would like. The handle material and steel grade is the same in both the knives. 

However, the difference lies in the steel blade length and its design. Ultratech is a straight box design knife with a slight shift right in the middle of the handle. On the contrary, the Troodon bulges in the middle but tapers from the end of the blade. 

A team of specialists at MICROTECH has designed such remarkable knives due to their uses. MICROTECH has been in the premium cutlery industry since 1994 and is one of the top American leading companies. 

Troodon Vs. Ultratech: Which Knife Is Better?

No doubt about the quality of Troodon and Ultratech; MICROTECH has done a great job while designing and manufacturing both of these blades. Other than the differences, there are many similarities in both these knives. 

Therefore, it depends on your use and preference to help you make the right choice between these two. Be it any knife you choose from any of these, both are remarkable and would serve their purpose to the very end.