Why Are Knives Quenched in Oil and How It Helps?


Whether it’s knives or any other metal item, blacksmiths quench the metal to add hardness. The best substance for quenching is oil. It is a popular quenchant because it tends to transfer heat slowly.  This makes it a better choice for quenching than water. Moreover, by using oil, blacksmiths ensure lower distortion and cracking of … Read more

Why Knives Have Holes and What Are Its Benefits? [5 Top Reasons]

Why Knives Have Holes

Have you ever wondered why knives have holes placed on the blade? Although many people don’t put too much thought into it, there are several reasons for this construction.  To understand why knives have holes, think back to all the different knives you have seen. Pocket knives, cheese knives, machetes, and several others all follow … Read more