Benchmade Anthem Alternatives

If you’re interested in the world of pocket knives, then you have most definitely, at one point, wanted to purchase a Benchmade Anthem pocket knife for yourself. However, getting your hands on such a pocket knife isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  In fact, you might have realized that even though you love the … Read more

How Long Do Lighters Last?

It is hard to imagine that buying a lighter could be an arduous task as one has to think of many factors. Factors like durability, cost, design, and, most importantly, longevity seem to influence how a lighter works. Moreover, buyers also find it hard to make a suitable choice due to the numerous brands available. … Read more

How to Close Kershaw Knife?

Kershaw knives are popular folding knives and are often used for hunting. The company is known for its quality, innovation, and affordability. The Kershaw knife has a blade that is made from 420HC stainless steel. It also features a frame lock mechanism that securely locks the blade. To close the Knife, you need to press … Read more

Buck 301 Vs 307: Which One Should You Get?

The primary differences between Buck 301 and 307 are their weight, size, and blade lengths. If you want a small knife for everyday kitchen tasks, the Buck 301 is a suitable model. Meanwhile, the Buck 307 is best for high needs, hunting purposes, and robust knife experience. Buck is famous for offering multiple unique knives … Read more

S30V Vs. S90V: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between s30v vs. s90v is the edge retention and sharpening ease. That is because the s90v will stay sharp for a long time, but it is much more difficult to sharpen, as it is harder steel. On the other hand, the s30v is easier to sharpen, but it will quickly lose its … Read more

How to Make a Knife sheath Without Leather?

Knife sheaths are used to protect the knife. They are great for the users as they provide protection. Knife sheaths provide protection, but they also help keep the knife safe if you carry them along with you outdoors. They even protect the knife’s blade from rusting. How to Make a Knife sheath Without Leather? First, … Read more

4 Best Benchmade Bugout Alternatives

You won’t find a lot of high-quality and efficient small pocket knives that you can use to perform a variety of tasks with meat. Well, the Benchmade Bugout is definitely one such pocket knife that is quite popular for this very reason. However, it isn’t always accessible to everyone or easy to use. So, if … Read more

What Are Machetes Used For? (All 6 Uses)

The machete is a common sidearm in Latin America and many poor nations, but it has recently started to gain popularity in parts of Europe as well as North America. Machete blades could be linear or curved, and the form of the handle is determined by what shape the blade seems to have. It is a light instrument which is nonetheless capable … Read more